Medical Cannabis Conference – Laguna Niguel, CA – OCT 22nd, 2016

Join Orange County NORML and the Senior Orange County NORML group for an evening of education, dinner and socializing. At this event speakers will cover the roots of the medical cannabis movement, the current situation for California patients and what the future could hold with a legalization measure on the ballot.
Guest speakers include; Elvy Musikka, a Federal IND medical marijuana patient who receives tins of medical marijuana from the federal government every month, who will talk about being one of the few federally legal patients. Martin Lee, co-founder and Director of the CBD project to talk about CBD research. Sean Donahoe, California Growers Alliance Local Politics and Electoral Affairs Advisor to discuss the Medical Marijuana Regulations Act (MMRSA) which is currently in the process of writing rules. And Dale Geiringer, Director of California NORML who will talk about what the implications would be if Proposition 64 passed and what followup legislation is needed.

A light dinner and drinks will also be served.

This event is for Laguna Woods residents and their guests.

Please contact Barbara Ayala at